Google adwords campaign audit or setup

stop throwing away money on ineffective adwords campaigns.

We’ll take a look at your current AdWords campaigns to assess their effectiveness and make suggestions to better performance as it relates to:

  • conversion tracking
  • landing page optimization
  • keyword strategy
  • search term evaluation
  • campaign structure & targeting
  • calls to action
  • quality score improvement
  • ad copy

Don't have an AdWords campaign running yet? We'll start from scratch to create a paid search campaign strategy that drives relevant traffic to your website and measures whether or not the visitors you acquire through paid search are converting.

If you book a 1-on-1, we will:

  • Define how paid search fits into your overall marketing strategy, and understand what types of customers are using internet search to find your business

  • Discuss keywords that customers use to search for your business during both the research and transactional stages

  • Research a few keywords that are driving paid search traffic to your competitors’ websites

  • Assess your current campaigns to find opportunities for better performance — OR — outline a new campaign for you to get started with


What you'll get:

  • Pre-session questionnaire and peek into your campaigns
  • Pre-session assessment of how your campaigns are doing based on your answers from the questionnaire
  • 90-minute session to go over your campaigns and what you can do to improve them
  • Post-session 1-sheeter with a list of next steps tailored to your campaigns with ideas for how to make them better (for existing campaigns) or an outline of suggested new campaign structure 
Amazing! Katherine is a marketing genius. She helped us better understand our current way of advertising and managing our budget. She suggested a few changes that are immediately driving more relevant traffic to our website. We are already seeing results.
— Kim Soria, Xcntric Estate Sales


I offer ongoing assistance for marketing tasks like AdWords campaigns as part of an ongoing advisory package.