2 tools I use to plan the creative for my Facebook ad campagins

2 Tools I Use to Plan the Creative for My Facebook Ad Campaigns

Facebook ads are a powerful way of getting your brand in front of a super targeted audience of people on a limited budget. I recommend using Facebook ads to pretty much every client I work with. I'm kind of obsessed with them.

One mistake I see a lot of people making with Facebook ads, however, is picking images and writing copy within the Facebook software right before launching an ad. In other words, not planning your Facebook ad creative in advance of launching your campaign.

You don't want to write your Facebook ads the way you write Craigslist ads, without a minute of forethought. You want to pick images and write ad copy in advance of logging in to the Facebook interface. This way you can take an objective look at your ads before placing them.

But how do you do this?

Get Inspired First

There are a gazillion articles on the internet that will tell you how to write Facebook ad copy, but my favorite way to brush up on best practices before writing copy myself is to get inspiration from actual ads that other brands have launched. I used to keep a folder with screenshots of Facebook ads that were served to me and that I liked, but I recently discovered AdEspresso's free gallery of Facebook ads. This powerful tool allows you to search a database of Facebook ads by brand name, objective, industry and attributes.

AdEspresso gallery of Facebook ads for Facebook ad campaign inspiration

Now I don't have to bother saving Facebook ads, and I can access a much wider array of Facebook ads versus the ones that were targeted to me.

AdEspresso's gallery tool is my favorite way to see:

  • What images seem to work well for certain brands
  • How advertisers use link headlines and descriptions
  • Whether or not a business in a particular industry has used a certain ad objective, such as "Learn More" versus "Shop Now"
  • How advertisers craft messaging copy that entices audiences to click

Start with a Rough Draft

AdParlor is a free online tool that lets you build mockups of all kinds of different Facebook (and Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest) ads right from your desktop. I love this tool because it allows me to focus on the creative aspect of the ads before logging in to start building it using the Facebook ads manager.

AdParlor is a great way to plan Facebook ad campaign creative

AdParlor makes it super easy to view and edit your ad copy and images, switch out your objective, and even change up what kind of ad you're going to run (status post, offer, event, pages likes, etc.) without having to go back and switch up settings like you would in the Facebook ads manager. 

Maybe it's just me, but there's something so un-serious about planning ad campaigns this way that I actually end up writing better copy when I'm using it.

Bonus: you can also use AdParlor to plan ads for Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

Track Everything

Planning your Facebook ad creative in advance is just one part of running a healthy Facebook ads campaign. Remember that, in addition to the in-house tracking your Facebook ads manager does for you, you want to track all the ads you're running in a spreadsheet so you're clear on what your objectives are (in your own words) and you can analyze how you're doing. 

Planning the creative in advance helps you pick images and write copy that better meets the ad goals you're planning for however. So add these 2 websites to your suite of tools, and enjoy!