Guest Post: How to Create Great Images for Your Facebook Ads

How to Create Great Images for Your Facebook Ads

This is a guest post by brand and product photographer Amy Eaton. Amy is a photography wiz who teaches handmade sellers how to DIY their own awesome product photos. 

There are a lot of elements that go into having a great Facebook ad campaign. However, there is one element that is particularly important: the photo. If you scroll through Facebook as fast as I do, it takes a pretty impressive image to grab my attention. Following that, the caption and description have to sell me on it. But it’s the image that will make me stop scrolling and read. The same goes for your ideal customers.

Here are my top 5 tips for creating great images for your Facebook ad campaigns.

1. Use a styled image

As product sellers, you probably have images of your product on a white background. These photos are great for your listing images on your website, but don’t do a whole lot in terms on grabbing your potential customer’s attention and making them drool over it. In order to grab the attention of your ideal audience, you’re going to want to use a beautifully styled image to draw them in. You could create a stunning flat lay image, use an image with context (e.g., your jewelry on a model with a great backdrop or surroundings), or something simple like shooting your product on a moss-covered log. The important thing is to keep in mind that your styling must fit your branding. Read on for more on that topic.

2. Make sure your styling fits your brand aesthetic.

I talk about this a lot in my blog and product photography classes. It’s so important that the styling of your image fits with the vibe of your brand. Your brand vibe, values, colors, etc, have all been developed to attract your ideal customer. Your photos must do the same. If your brand is very earthy and rustic, shooting your styled images in a forest or with nature elements is a great idea.  Shooting your styled images in an urban setting, not such a good idea. This is especially true when it comes to Facebook ads. You will have carefully chosen the audience who will see your ads based on your ideal customer. You want to have an image that resonates with that audience, as opposed to an image that’ll keep them scrolling past.

3. Ensure your images are sized optimally for Facebook ads.

There are a few different ways that Facebook ads are displayed. In terms of images, the most popular options are single image, carousel, and slideshow. Below are the ideal image sizes for these options:

  • Single Image:  1200 x 628 pixels
  • Carousel Images:  1080 x 1080 pixels
  • Slideshow Images:  1280 x 720 pixels

Just to be clear, the first number you see is the width of the photo in pixels, followed by the height. You can ensure the correct image size by using your editing software of choice, selecting image size, and checking to make sure that the pixels correspond correctly. Be careful when making adjustments that your image doesn’t become distorted by stretching either the width or the height to fit the new ratio. Another option to avoid distorted image is to set your crop tool to a custom size using your desired number of pixels for width and height.  

Keep in mind that if your image is too big, Facebook will automatically downsize it to fit the proper image size of the ad. If your image is too small, it will enlarge it to fit. Downsizing an image isn’t too big of a deal, as rarely does it affect quality. However, enlarging an image to fix the image size of the Facebook will cause your image to become pixelated and poor quality.

4. Use minimal text on your image.

Facebook strongly dislikes it when ad images have overlaid text. In fact, according to Facebook guidelines, your ad image cannot have text covering anymore than 20% of the photo. If you attempt to run an ad with more text, Facebook will not approve it and your ad will not run. The good news is that it’s really not necessary to apply text to your photo. You have the opportunity to explain your product or offering in the title and caption of the ad, without having to utilize the space on your photo. A beautifully styled photo that speaks to your audience is going to be much more effective in grabbing their attention than some text on a photo would.  

5. Make sure your images are good (technically speaking).

Having images that are well done from a technical perspective is extremely important. Your ideal customer may not stop in their tracks and think to themselves “Wow, what a perfectly composed, properly lit, and high quality image that is!” but you can be assured that if your image is not all of those things, they’ll be thinking a lot worse about your product and brand. Or maybe they won’t even notice you at all! Utilize proper lighting techniques to ensure your image looks high quality. Compose your image such that your product is the most eye-grabbing element of the image. Make sure the image colors are true to your product color. Avoid using cheesy editing mistakes. All of these factors will help you to create stunning images of your products that will make your ideal customers swoon. And buy.

By implementing those 5 tips, you’ll be in a great position to use your optimized images to create seriously killer Facebook ads.

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