stop throwing money down the drain trying to guess what ads and audiences work. get help building a real strategy that will reach new audiences and create sustained traffic to your website from facebook.  

Facebook is a great place to discover audiences that can quickly grow traffic to your website and sales in your online shop. But the interface is a little confusing and hard to manage. Find out how to pinpoint the right audiences and create ads that rise above the noise to find new fans and customers.

IF YOU BOOK A 1-ON-1 session, we will:

  • Talk about your business goals and how Facebook ads can help

  • Understand your target customer and how to find them by building audiences for your Facebook ads 

  • Talk about how to create artwork and ad copy to drive conversions

  • Discuss landing pages — i.e. where you're driving traffic after they click through from Facebook, and how that affects conversions


What you'll get:

  • Pre-session questionnaire to assess your business goals and how Facebook ads can help
  • 90-minute session to discuss how Facebook ads can work for you
  • Post-session 1-sheet with tips for using Facebook ads to grow your business
I got SO MUCH out of this 90 minute meeting. It’s exactly the kind of info and instruction that I’ve been looking for but can’t find in articles I read online. Katherine also has a gift for explaining it. My head was spinning all night thinking about all the things I need to do (in a good way). It’s great to know there are so many actions I can take to grow this business. I’m super psyched.
— Kristin Oldach, KraeO Handmade