my background

I got my start in marketing in 2008 as the communications manager for The House Theatre of Chicago. My job was communicating with patrons using emerging social media channels, like Facebook and Twitter, to sell theater tickets. This was during the economic downturn, so I got some real experience learning  just how hard you have to work to get your marketing messages in front of a caring audience online. I was willing to try anything, from Groupon to Facebook groups, and some of those social media selling techniques worked really well even during the crash. I spoke on a few panels and at conferences about how arts marketers could use emerging digital technologies, and in 2010 I was asked to join the fledgling marketing team at a startup called Indiegogo.

While at Indiegogo I helped hundreds of early adopters of crowdfunding technology — including lots of small business owners — communicate better so they could raise more money online. That same year a friend of mine and I saw the vintage category emerging on Etsy and started a live vintage market in Chicago, modeled after the Renegade Craft Fair, called the Vintage Bazaar. We gathered vintage sellers, photographers, DJs and craft cocktail slingers together in some of Chicago's coolest venues and put on fun parties. We worked really hard to produce this event, got lots of press, and learned a lot — really, so much — about what it takes to draw an audience to the creative thing you're doing. (We eventually merged with Renegade and moved on to other things.)

Since then I have worked as a digital marketing manager for numerous tech startups and a web design firm, and in 2016 I started Small Craft Advisory so I could help my favorite kinds of people, small business owners and entrepreneurs, do better online marketing.

My campaigns are working so much better, it has me blown away. We are going in the right direction with Katherine’s help. She is a marketing genius and we can’t thank her enough!
— Kim Soria, Xcntric Estate Sales